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South Carolina Lost Out On Nick Chubb Because Steve Spurrier Wasn't On Campus For His Visits

Georgia was always the favorite to land Cedartown native Nick Chubb, who quickly turned into a star for the Bulldogs as a freshman in 2014. Chubb is now considered one of the nation's best running backs. If things had gone a bit differently, he might have been on the other side of this weekend's Georgia vs. South Carolina game, however. spoke to Chubb about his recruitment. South Carolina jumped into his recruitment late, causing him to push back his decision to commit to Georgia, but the absence of Steve Spurrier during his visit sealed the deal for the Dawgs. 

Chubb took two visits to South Carolina, both of which he described as “last-minute.” He liked the campus, and the overall visits were good. But on neither visit did he see Spurrier, even after the second one was scheduled with that in mind.

“I think he was getting some kind of award at Florida,” Chubb said on Tuesday.


Chubb originally set his commitment date for late spring of 2013 – either April or May – and was set to announce for Georgia. Then South Carolina “stepped into the picture,” and Chubb pushed his commitment date back so he could visit Columbia. Just not its head coach.

“I would’ve got to meet the head coach. That would’ve been great to know who I was gonna play for,” Chubb said. “But I probably would’ve come to Georgia.”

South Carolina upset Georgia last week, but limped to a 7-6 (3-5) finish after three straight 11 win seasons. South Carolina is 1-1 this season after losing to SEC also-ran Kentucky last Saturday. Spurrier has had Georgia's number over the last five years, but he would certainly be better off with Chubb, who has 309 yards and is averaging 8.8 yards per carry so far this season.