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Sports Illustrated's Andy Staples Says Georgia Is The Best Job In College Football

Lee Corso wearing the Georgia Bulldog mascot head.

Georgia Bulldogs Best Job

What's the best job in college football? 

Alabama? Notre Dame? Ohio State? USC? Texas?

For Sports Illustrated's Andy Staples, it's an SEC program - an SEC East program. In Staples' mind, it's Georgia. 


— Paul Finebaum (@finebaum)

"UGA is the best job in CFB & if they don't meet expectations they need to ask some hard questions" -

— Paul Finebaum (@finebaum) August 5, 2015

">August 5, 2015

">August 5, 2015

It seems a little crazy to call Georgia, a program that hasn't won a national title since 1980, the best job in college football, but there's an argument to be made. You have everything you need at Georgia to win big, but you don't necessarily have the massive expectations in Athens, Ga., as you do in Austin, Texas; Columbus, Ohio; Tuscaloosa, Ala.; etc. 

What do you think, college football fans? What's the best job in the sport?