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Tony Dungy Would Draft Aaron Murray No. 1

Pretty bold.

According to Tony Dungy himself, Aaron Murray is the best option at quarterback if he enters the 2013 NFL draft. When asked who he would take if he were the struggling Kansas City Chiefs, he promptly responded with his answer -- UGA quarterback Aaron Murray.

While some analysts think Murray should stick it out with UGA for his last year before he enters the draft, the former Indianapolis Colts coach seems to think differently. After Dungy's tweets, UGA's fanbase is buzzing with the possibility that this game against the Yellow Jackets may be his last in Sanford Stadium.

Murray tried his best to avoid giving the 4-1-1 on what's going on in his head concerning his future. According to, he is telling everyone that for now, the focus is on beating state-rival Georgia Tech and that he'll think about all this draft business when the season ends.

Do you think Aaron Murray is good enough to be the No. 1 pick in the NFL?