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Video: UGA Releases Episode 1 Of Hard Knocks-Style Series "Inside Georgia Football"

Nick Chubb runs past defenders.

Youtube/Georgia Bulldogs

If you've ever wanted to know what it looks like behind the scenes of a college football program as it prepares for the first game of the season...look no further, the Georgia Bulldogs are giving you an inside look with its Hard Knocks-style series "Inside Georgia Football."

Tuesday evening, UGA released the first episode, giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at everything the players and coaches went through during the week leading up to the season opener against Louisiana Monroe. The series takes you to the practice fields, training facility and then to the sidelines. It even sits certain players down for one-on-one interviews, giving fans an idea of the mindset players are in leading up to the game. It's a college football lover's dream.

It's cool to see behind the scenes and see how the Bulldogs prepared for their season opener, and then to see how it played out. The Bulldogs head to Nashville next week to play at Vanderbilt.