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Video: Watch The First Part Of The UGA Vault's Documentary About Vince Dooley's First Year At Georgia

With his 201 wins and 1980 National Championship win, Vince Dooley is a legend at Georgia. However, when he was hired to replace Johnny Griffith and resurrect a program that had gone just 10-16-4 under its previous coaching staff, not everyone was sold. In Dooley's first year, his Bulldogs went 7-3-1, won three SEC games, and beat Texas Tech in the Sun Bowl.

"The UGA Vault" has put together a documentary about the beginning of the Dooley era, focusing on his hiring and that first season in particular. Based on the first few minutes, it looks like a must watch for all Dawgs fans.

According to the video description, the full documentary is available on the free UGA Vault app, which can be downloaded here.