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Video: Young Thunder Fan Is Devastated With Kevin Durant's Decision

Earlier today, superstar forward Kevin Durant sent shock waves through the NBA with his decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder and sign with the Golden State Warriors.

One prominent TV personality blasted Durant's decision, while many fans of the sport are also criticizing him. One young Oklahoma City Thunder fan is particularly upset.

Twitter user Terry Rimmer (@T_Rimm) posted a video showing his young son Miles learning the news of Durant's decision. Miles takes it very hard, breaking down into tears and saying he "hates" Golden State and would "punch [Durant] in the face."

">@KDTrey5, thanks for ruining my son's day.

— Terry Rimmer (@T_Rimm)

Hey @KDTrey5, thanks for ruining my son's day.

— Terry Rimmer (@T_Rimm) July 4, 2016

">July 4, 2016

A little harsh from the young guy, but hey, he just learned one of the harshest truths about being a sports fan. Your heroes probably won't be there forever.