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Harvey Updyke (The Guy Who Poisoned Auburn's Historic Trees) Gets Arrested...Again

This guy has a problem with landscaping.

Think back to 2010. The game: Alabama vs. Cam Newton. At the time, Cam Newton was under scrutiny, and people thought he should be ruled ineligible to play. Cam and his Auburn Tigers beat Bama that year and went on to win the national championship game. That's when a man named Harvey Updyke decided it was time for Auburn to be punished, so he killed...trees?

While the trees in Toomer's Corner are still standing after Updyke doused them with lethal doses of a pesticide, he has managed to get himself arrested for more landscaping issues.

Updyke is under arrest and has been charged with terrorizing after he tried to return a lawnmower to a Louisiana home improvement store. According to ESPN, the store clerk couldn't refund his whole $150, so Updyke resorted to threatening the store manager, which lead to his arrest. Apparently, he is wanted in Texas on the same charges. ESPN is reporting that the police spokesperson said Updyke, who is set to go on trial for tree killing on October 1, didn't care because he was "going to prison anyway."

As mentioned, Updyke is supposed to go on trial this coming Monday, but is reporting that his trial might be delayed.

Updyke's trial status is in the air, and so is the predicament with the oak trees in Toomer's Corner. The trees are almost guaranteed to die, and according to USA Today, the University of Auburn is trying to work out a good time to replant new trees to carry on the tradition in Toomer's Corner.