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Hugh Freeze Reacts To What He's Seen From The SEC This Fall

Liberty football head coach Hugh Freeze calls a timeout.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA - NOVEMBER 23: Head coach Hugh Freeze of the Liberty Flames calls a timeout in the second half during a game against the Virginia Cavaliers at Scott Stadium on November 23, 2019 in Charlottesville, Virginia. (Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images)

Hugh Freeze is currently enjoying one of his best starts to a season ever with Liberty, going 5-0 to start the year. But the former Ole Miss coach is keeping his eye on the SEC, and he's "shocked" by what he's seen on defense.

On Wednesday's edition of The Paul Finebaum Show, Freeze admitted to being stunned by how bad some of the defenses have been this season. He said that usually a team plays good offense and good defense in the SEC, but that offenses are getting so good that defenses have to defend the entire field every play.

“I’m shocked. We scored a lot of points (at Ole Miss) a couple of those years and we were really good defensively our first three years,” Freeze said. “And then we were not so good on defense and we continued to score a lot of points…When I get home from these games and I see some of the scores, I think to myself, ‘man, that’s not the same defense I coached against, I don’t think, many of those years.’ Even those offenses have gotten so much better. But it is hard to stop offenses today that are doing everything and making you defend the whole field on every play. I am somewhat shocked at some of the scores, like you say.”

Freeze isn't wrong. Even teams known for their defensive prowess like Alabama have given up 48 points in a game this season.

Hugh Freeze joked that he expects to see those kinds of numbers in the Big 12, where it's hard to decide if it's a result of bad defense or great offense.

But in the SEC, for games to be hitting 63-48, 41-38, 45-41, 44-21 and 30-28, it's unnerving.

Freeze may get a chance to see those offenses up close and in-person soon enough if he continues to thrive with Liberty though.

He's already being linked to the Auburn head coaching job, and he has a history of getting the best of Nick Saban.