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Ashley Judd Apologized On Behalf Of Kentucky Fans For Their Tweets At Cincinnati's Octavius Ellis

Another NCAA Tournament game, another social media story involving famed Wildcats fan Ashley Judd. 

Following this past Saturday's contest between Kentucky and Cincinnati, a number of fans tweeted offensive remarks at Bearcats player Octavius Ellis after they deemed he played a bit too physical during the game. The tweets, many of which were racist in nature, were captured by a number of sites, including ours. One publication, ESPN 1530, based in Cincinnati, called out Judd, claiming that after she took a standagainst social bullying in regards to tweets directed at her, she should do the same in defense of Ellis.

Well, she did.

Judd posted a long response on her Facebook page Monday night, apologizing for those in the UK fan base who tweeted hateful comments towards Ellis. She also encouraged people to take action. Click "See More" in the Facebook post below to see her entire message.

While many may have Judd fatigue at this point, this is an important conversation. Hateful tweets towards celebrities and athletes - or anyone, really - don't accomplish anything. Let's hope this all leads in a positive direction.