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Ashley Judd Wants UK Fans To Avoid Spending Money In Indiana As Boycott Against State's New RFRA Bill

This year's Final Four in Indianapolis has become an awkward event for many, because of a recent bill passed in the state of Indiana that many fear can be used to discriminate against the LGBTQ community. Dick Vitale has already backed the idea of moving NCAA events out of the state, and USC athletic director Pat Haden will not attend an upcoming College Football Playoff meeting in the city out of respect for his gay son. UConn has also announced that its coaching staff would not make the trip to the Final Four. 

Kentucky superfan Ashley Judd is facing a bit of a conundrum, because of the team's upcoming trip to the Final Four. In order to support her team, but also show her support for the cause, she has proposed that Kentucky fans avoid spending any money while in Indiana.

">March 31, 2015

">March 31, 2015

Based on public outcry, we don't expect Judd to be alone when it comes to taking a stand in Indianapolis this weekend.