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Clay Travis Accuses Kentucky Head Coach John Calipari Of Paying Players, "Cheating His Ass Off"

Kentucky head coach John Calipari has an incredible track record when it comes to luring the nation's top recruits to Lexington. At least one person doesn't believe that he's doing so by playing within the rules.

FOX Sports' Clay Travis, who is a bit of a lightning rod for controversy, was asked about Calipari's appearance on ESPN last week during a segment on Bo Mattingly's Sports Talk this past Friday. Travis had no issue with ESPN giving its platform to Coach Cal, but did make some accusations in the process.

Travis believes that Calipari pays players. He thinks other programs do too, but not to the extent that the Wildcats do.

"I think the overall impact of that pales in comparison to the money he's giving players to sign with him. Let's be honest. John Calipari is paying players and has been for years. It would be the biggest upset in the history of mankind for him not to be doing that. So this idea that if he goes on ESPN and he does a good job trying to pitch recruits that they're somehow more likely to go there than for the money thing is, I think, ludicrous. I think it's laughable to presume that he's not paying players, and I think lots of people pay players. But I think Kentucky basketball is one of the best-paying in college athletics, for sure."

"...I think John Calipari cheats his ass off. I think if he wrote a book, a tell-all book, it would be a bestseller. It would be about how to get guys in with test score grades that don't deserve to get in there, how to get grades changed, etc."

Here's audio, for those interested.

It's unlikely that Calipari responds - and we're sure this isn't the first time anyone has made such an accusation. Did Travis go too far, though?