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Cleveland State's Assistant Coach Claims His Team "Got Cheated In Rupp Arena" Against Kentucky

He then deleted his Twitter account.

For the first 30 minutes of Monday night's matchup between Cleveland State and Kentucky, the Vikings, surprisingly, were in control. But in the final quarter of the game, the Wildcats went on a 30-14 run to steal a victory at Rupp Arena. UK fans will tell you that their players were more aggressive as the game wound down. Cleveland State assistant coach Jermaine Kimbrough had a different take.

In the game's final 10 minutes, the Vikings racked up 13 fouls while the Wildcats tallied just four. The statistics are there to support Kimbrough's theory, but as we all know, numbers don't always tell the tale.

Kimbrough deleted both the tweets and his Twitter account soon after his rant. You can assume he's going to be in a bit of trouble this morning.

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