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Coach Cal On Kentucky: "I Have The Best Job In The Country"

Kentucky coach John Calipari, in his words, waited "20 years" to get his current job. He made it clear Monday afternoon that he isn't going anywhere for a while. Calipari joined Andy Katz and Seth Greenberg on ESPN Radioto talk about Kentucky's 2013-2014 campaign, some potential rule changes to college basketball and what his future looks like. He said that while he's always in communication with NBA teams for various reasons, he's comfortable in Lexington:

"I'm really, really excited about what we have going at Kentucky. I believe that I have the best job in the country. I'm not out looking for another job. It's not what I want. Do I talk to NBA teams? I always do. I'll talk to NBA teams based on the fact that my players are trying to be drafted and whoever I can be associated so that I can help my players, I do. But I'm not out looking for a job. I'm not encouraging anybody to call me. I don't need it to get a pay raise or any of that stuff. I'm good where I am. Different deal when I was at Memphis and when I was at Massachusetts. It took me 20 years, think about it, 20 years to get this job."

Despite never wavering on his commitment to UK, Calipari was mentioned by many as a potential candidate for several NBA coaching jobs this offseason. 

Calipari has reached the Final Four three times in the past five years and won one national championship. So far, it doesn't look like the success has made him want to move onto a new challenge.