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Coach Cal Releases Ridiculous Video Asking Fans To Vote For His Former Players In The NBA All-Star Game

John Calipari asks fans to vote for former Kentucky players in the NBA All-Star game.

coach calipari nba video

Kentucky head coach John Calipari does a great job of keeping tabs on his former players - and making sure that Wildcats fans continue to support them throughout their careers. Friday, he released an interesting video that UK supporters should enjoy.

In the below clip, Calipari urges Kentucky fans to vote for the school's former stars - including DeMarcus Cousins, Anthony Davis, Enes Kanter, Brandon Knight, Rajon Rondo, Karl-Anthony Towns, John Wall - for the upcoming NBA All-Star Game. He name-drops pretty much every player who ever came through the system.

Coach Cal also uses some props - including a fake unibrow - to make his point. Enjoy: