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Coach Calipari Unveils New Coaching Secret

Coach Cal always has something up his sleeve.
Calipari supports Boogie Cousins's all-star candidacy.


Coach John Calipari has finally announced his new coaching secret to the Big Blue Nation.

What is it you ask? Monitoring Devices.

Cal announced his use of the new devices to Cats fans through his website, According to Calipari, each player is practicing and playing in games with a device that measures their exertion rate, sport zones, caloric expenditure and heart rate. The device gives the coaches the ability to see who is putting in the most effort and working the hardest. "I always say the film doesn’t lie, that you can have every excuse you want but the truth will show up on film. Guess what? The monitoring system doesn’t lie either," Cal wrote.

Coach Cal monitors the heart rates to determine which players are playing at game level throughout practice, giving 90-95%. The devices also give the coaches a calorie count of how much they're burning so they know how much they need to eat to get replenished.

"All of this may sound extreme, but we’re at an extreme program. We are in a nontraditional program trying to do nontraditional things that have never been done before in the college game – getting young players to be everything they can be. We had better than a 3.0 grade-point average as a team with eight players that had a B average or better that played one of the top-25 schedules in the country (which was stupid) with by far the youngest team in the country," wrote Coach Cal.

The Cats have noticeably improved over the past few games, but the question remains, how will they perform in Southeastern Conference play?