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Watch: Colin Cowherd Talks About Kentucky Fans' Death Threats To Referee

Colin Cowherd talks into microphone about kentucky basketball fans.


Colin Cowherd definitely didn't mince words today on his show when talking about Kentucky basketball and its fan base.

By now you're well aware that the Kentucky Wildcats were eliminated in the Elite Eight at the hands of the North Carolina Tar Heels, and by now you're probably also aware that since the loss, some Kentucky fans have been hell-bent on ruining the life of John Higgins, the referee deemed responsible—only by Kentucky fans, of course—for the 75-73 loss. Between attempts to sabotage his business with false, poor reviews on his company website and sending death threats to his home and work, it's been a pretty disgusting show of sportsmanship from what is certainly the worst subset of people within the Wildcats' fanbase.

Report: Kentucky Fans Sent Death Threats To Official Following Sunday’s Loss

Colin Cowherd sounded off on the topic today, and basically went in on Kentucky and the "lunatic fringe" portion of its basketball fanbase:

"John Calipari and all coaches have to cool heated situations not ignite them, because every fanbase—Kentucky more than most—has a lunatic fringe. A bottom feeding, looney-tunes bottom quarter of their fanbase that aren't smart enough to realize death threats are trackable. It's probably not a smart thing to do."

You can watch the clip in its entirety below:

Kentucky last made the Final Four in 2015, where the Wildcats lost to Wisconsin. Coach Cal has taken the program to the Final Four four times in eight seasons.