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What College Basketball Teams Would Look Like If Players Stayed 4 Years

College basketball has become a sport dominated by one-and-done players. But what if guys stayed all four years?

College Basketball tips off today, which means the first true look at many of the country's top teams, and the new wave of elite freshmen that will dominate the sport for a few months. While you really can't criticize anyone for jumping to the NBA and cashing in as early as they can, it have a major impact on the depth of these teams. Now, programs like Duke and Kentucky are constructed largely of freshmen, with a few veterans sprinkled in here and there for continuity.

But what if players stayed for the duration of their eligibility? We took a look at 10 of the biggest basketball programs in the country, and examined what the rosters might look like in that case. We've included the top nine or ten players for each roster, although for a team like Kentucky which has major turnover every year, we went a bit beyond that.

College Basketball Lineups If Players Stayed Four Years: