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Comparing Michigan's Fab Five To Kentucky's Final Four Squad

Have we been witnessing the second coming of Michigan's infamous Fab Five during this year's NCAA Tournament? Kentucky's freshman class, and starting five, has drawn many comparisons to the original Fab Five. Michigan's 1991-92 team was the first-and-last team to make a Final Four starting five freshmen. Not only has Kentucky accomplished that but it has also reached the championship game, just like Michigan. Of course, Michigan's 1992 and 1993 Final Four runs have been since vacated by the NCAA. And Michigan's five freshmen lost to Duke in the title game.

Will Kentucky be able to lay claim as the greatest collection of freshmen in NCAA history with a win tonight? Many people have vivid memories of the Fab Five's famed ascension. But not Kentucky's freshmen--they weren't even born yet. Let's compare the height of these two teams.

Michigan's Fab Five

  • Chris Webber: 6-foot-10 
  • Jalen Rose: 6-foot-8
  • Juwan Howard: 6-foot-9
  • Jimmy King: 6-foot-5
  • Ray Jackson: 6-foot-6

Kentucky's Version

  • Julius Randle: 6-foot-9
  • Aaron Harrison: 6-foot-6
  • Andrew Harrison: 6-foot-6
  • James Young: 6-foot-6
  • Dakari Johnson: 7-foot

As you can see, both squads have extremely impressive height. In fact, these two starting lineups are separated by only a single inch. Michigan's Fab Five freshmen boasted four starters ranked in the top-10 of the nation's 1991 recruits (Ray Jackson came in at No. 84). But the Wildcats' squad is even more impressive. All of Kentucky's five starting freshmen were in the nation's top-10 on the 2013 recruiting list. Michigan's Chris Webber was the No. 1 overall recruit. Kentucky's highest recruit was Julius Randle, who came in at No. 3 in the 2013 recruiting class. These are arguably the two best recruiting classes in the history of college basketball.

Interesting Stat: Both teams came into their national championship game, going 8-2 in their previous 10 games. Michigan lost in the final, will Kentucky change up the script?