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Female Kentucky Fans Are Taking Photos Of Themselves Licking Devin Booker's Car

Kentucky guard Devin Booker is off to the NBA, but some Wildcats fans are having a hard time saying goodbye to the sharpshooter. There's a somewhat disturbing trend on campus right now, and it involves female students licking some of Booker's personal belongings.

Last week, on Kentucky Sports Radio, Booker revealed that at a recent autograph signing, he was informed that a fan had licked his car out in the parking lot. Now, others have joined in and started posting photos of themselves licking his car. One girl even photoshopped herself doing it.

">@DevinBook or mine

— Maddie (@maddiemumford17) April 20, 2015

">April 20, 2015

">@DevinBook there may be some people attempting to lick your car. I'd get some gloves if I were you.

— Neha (@nehapatel_96) April 15, 2015

">@DevinBook ur pretty cool I like ur car

— Madelyn Olges (@_Madelyn_1)

Haven't washed my tongue since? hey @DevinBook ur pretty cool I like ur car

— Madelyn Olges (@_Madelyn_1) April 20, 2015

">April 20, 2015

Big Blue Nation has always been over the top, but this is a new level of insanity. Let's hope Booker gets his car washed soon.

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