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Former Kentucky Walk-On Sam Malone Announces He's Starting His Own Company

sam malone kentucky walk-on company

sam malone kentucky walk-on company

Former Kentucky walk-on Sam Malone appeared in 17 games during his career, and the Wildcats never lost any of them. Last week, we showed you tee shirts that Malone jokingly had made to celebrate the accomplishment. This week, he's apparently taken it a step further.

Malone, who claims he always dreamed of owning his own company, announced on Twitter that he'd launched his own "global sports marketing" firm, named Won Every Game Productions LLC. He says that he's already agreed to terms with former Wildcat Nerlens Noel.

">April 15, 2015

Given Malone's contacts in the NBA, he may soon have an impressive list of clientele. We wish him good luck - running a business is always difficult.