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Has Any College Basketball Team Ever Gone 40-0?

After a thrilling last-second victory over Notre Dame in the Elite Eight, the Kentucky Wildcats sit at 38-0, two victories away from a perfect season. The Wildcats will take on Wisconsin this Saturday night, and if they win, they'll get either Duke or Michigan State in the national title game. Should UK prevail in both contests, they'll become the first team to finish 40-0 in men's college basketball history. 

That being said, they wouldn't be the first 40-0 squad in college basketball history. In the women's game, the feat has happened twice. The 2014 UConn team and the 2012 Baylor team both finished 40-0 - and ironically, both beat Notre Dame in the national title game. A number of other teams in women's college basketball have finished undefeated as well, but until recently, there weren't 40-game schedules. 

Should Kentucky win its final two games, it would become the first team since the 1976 Indiana Hooisers to finish the year undefeated. Indiana, however, only had to play 32 games that season. Can UK pull it off? We'll find out in just two days.