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John Calipari And Dakari Johnson Answer Whether Kentucky Could Beat An NBA Team: "We Would Get Buried"

Kentucky basketball has a chance to be incredibly good this season. Maybe even historically good, if everything breaks correctly. However, the idea that they would beat an NBA team, even one of the worst ones, is pretty crazy. Don't tell that to Georgetown College (KY) head coach Chris Briggs, however. After his NAIA-level team was obliterated by John Calipari's Wildcats 121-52, he said that UK could hang with the pros.

"Those guys are unreal," Brigss said in the opening remarks of his postgame press conference. "I told the guys in the locker room, they could have beaten some NBA teams tonight, there’s no question in my mind. Kentucky's coaches and players are a bit more realistic about things, however.

">November 10, 2014

">November 10, 2014

Luckily for Big Blue Nation, we won't need to find out how the 'Cats would fare against, say, the Philadelphia 76ers. They only need to contend with the Florida Gators, Louisville Cardinals, and whichever teams get an unlucky draw in the NCAA Tournament to achieve their goals.

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