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John Calipari Announces That An NBA MVP Will Bring His Team To Big Blue Madness 2014

Mystery man.

Kentucky head basketball coach John Calipari always has something up his sleeve for the Big Blue Nation. The surprise for this year's Big Blue Madness is a preseason game with the Washington Wizards and New Orleans Hornets in Rupp Arena in October.

Even though we're over a year away from the 2014 annual Big Blue Madness, Coach Calipari opened a can of worms with the BBN tonight on Twitter -- he tweeted that an NBA MVP would be bringing his team to Madness. 

Even though Calipari hasn't revealed which NBA MVP is coming, this is definitely something for fans to get excited about.

Hey BBN -- who do you think it'll be? Derrick Rose, with his obvious relationship with Cal? How about LeBron James? We can't wait to find out who will be appearing, but regardless, Kentucky fans should be pumped.