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John Calipari Compares NCAA To The Late USSR In His New Book

Just a few weeks after making his third Final Four in four years, Kentucky head coach John Calipari has a new book coming out—Players First: Coaching From the Inside-Out.

A few details from the book, which is due out next Tuesday, have come out, including Calipari's thoughts about the direction of the NCAA. Calipari is not excatly shy about speaking his mind when it comes to the organization, and made a somewhat controversial comparison in the process. The Wall Street Journal has published quotes from the book about Calipari's feelings on the NCAA:

"The situation reminds me a little of the Soviet Union in its last years... It was still powerful. It could still hurt you. But you could see it crumbling, and it was just a matter of time before it either changed or ceased to exist."

Calipari discusses his belief that the NCAA will fail as the most powerful organization in college athletics if it refuses to reform, and outlines a 13-point plan that he believes will improve the lives of athletes through common sense measures. Among these are $3,000-$5,000 stipends for players, players being given the ability to take out loans of up to $50,000 against future earnings, and allowing players to transfer without sitting out if their coach leaves the team. While Calipari is not the most popular figure outside of the Kentucky fanbase, many of his ideas have merit, and seem like feasible ways to improve players' lives in college athletics.