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John Calipari Discusses Evolution Of Kentucky Program In New Blog

Few coaches in major college athletics are more open in discussing their programs than John Calipari. Coach Cal may always be recruiting in one way or another, but he also seems to let fans behind the curtain pretty genuinely, especially on his blog at

">July 2, 2016

In his most recent post, he admits that he and his staff have serious room for improvement, especially in player development.

The world is changing and how these young people get information is changing. The environment around them is changing. We want to change with them. I’m not looking to use the same lesson plan I’ve used the last five years.

When you think about individual players like Skal, I tried to use the lesson plan we used for Anthony and Karl. It wasn’t the right one. We adjusted, but it was late. He’s still going to be fine because he learned to fight, he didn’t blame anyone and he learned to trust. He was still a first-round draft pick and is going to have a terrific career. But, we could have done better. I could have done better.

He also discusses the changing landscape of basketball as a whole. Is this a hint at some potential small ball for the Wildcats in the near future?

Where is the game going? LeBron James was the biggest player on the floor 50 percent of the time in the NBA Finals. Golden State shot 40 3s per game. How do we make sure we’re moving in the same direction? That’s what I’m spending time on.

Kentucky will have one of the most talented rosters in college basketball once again in 2016-17. Will the style of play vary from what Kentucky fans have grown accustomed to during the Calipari era? It seems like that is in consideration.