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John Calipari Goes On Passionate Coaching Rant After Kentucky's Win vs. Georgia

Coach Cal was upset after his team's win against Georgia.

Coach Cal went off post-game Saturday night.

John Calipari doesn't typically hold back when speaking to the press.

Saturday night, following his team's win over Georgia, Kentucky's head coach went on a passionate rant about the coaching profession and the problems he has with what's currently going on.

He stood up for Georgia's Mark Fox and blasted N.C. State for firing Mark Gottfried mid-season.

Here's video, from SEC Country.

And here's what he said:

"We’re firing coaches in midseason. Are you s——- me? We’re firing coaches in midseason. You know what I’m putting my contract? You can fire me at midseason but you’re going to have to pay me $3 million. Oh, you’ll let me stay now, won’t you. … Every coach in the country PUT IT IN YOUR CONTRACT. What if Mark Gottfried goes on a run at the end and gets to the NCAA Tournament, which he was in four out of five years? Two Sweet 16s, which is not done at NC State. What happens if he now if he goes and wins and gets another team [in ?] He had good players but they’re young, they’re like my team. It’s hard to do this with young guys."

Calipari's one of the sport's most-powerful and successful coaches, so it's nice to see him standing up for his colleagues. It probably won't affect anything big picture, but it's still nice to see.