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John Calipari Is Upset With ESPN For Getting No. Of Kentucky Players Drafted Under Him Wrong

Two more of John Calipari's players were selected in the NBA Draft Thursday evening. Forward Julius Randle went to the Los Angeles Lakers with pick No. 7, while guard James Young, pick No. 17, is headed to the Boston Celtics. 

That increases the number of Kentucky players drafted under Calipari to 19, if you include Turkish star Enes Kanter, who spent a year in Lexington but was unable to play due to NCAA amateurism rules. ESPN isn't counting Kanter, who went No. 3 to Utah in 2011, as a Kentucky draftee. This upsets the 55-year-old national championship-winning coach. 


— John Calipari (@UKCoachCalipari)

I wish ESPN would stop saying we have had 18 draft picks over the last five years when we’ve had 19. They keep leaving off @Enes_Kanter.

— John Calipari (@UKCoachCalipari) June 27, 2014

">June 27, 2014

">June 27, 2014

To be fair to ESPN, the NBA officially considered Kanter as coming from Turkey, not Kentucky. But it's not like it really matters; no coach comes close to matching Calipari's NBA output, anyway.

Calipari should add to his total next season, too. currently has five Wildcats getting selected in their 2015 mock draft.