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John Calipari Names His All-Kentucky Starting 5

In an interview with Bleacher Report, Kentucky head coach John Calipari revealed his hypothetical starting five of strictly Wildcat players.

John Calipari is certainly one of the greatest coaches in college basketball, churning out title-contending teams and lottery draft picks each and every year. In his seven years at Kentucky, Calipari has made four Final Fours, won a national title, and had 28 players selected in the NBA Draft. Not bad.

In an interview with Bleacher Report's Reid Forgrave, Calipari was asked to create a starting five of those 28 players. Here's what he said.

B/R: OK, let's say it's completely hypothetical then. Who's your starting five? I got my five right here.

Calipari: Well, Anthony Davis. John Wall. Karl Towns. I'd probably play DeMarcus Cousins and let Anthony be a 3. And what would the last position be? Shooting guard? I'd probably say Devin Booker.

Davis, Wall, Anthony-Towns and Cousins are obvious, but for shooting guard it gets tricky. You could just as easily throw Brandon Knight or Eric Bledsoe in the mix. It's honestly absurd how much talent that program has produced in just the past 10 years.