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Watch: John Calipari Offers Praise For LaVar Ball

John Calipari has to deal with plenty of parents of one-and-done players, but never quite someone like LaVar Ball. Still, he appreciates the leader of "Big Baller Brand."

TMZ Sports caught up with the Kentucky head coach, and asked about the controversial elder Ball, who has come under scrutiny this year, and most recently has had trouble finding a partner for his 'brand.'

Calipari didn't jump in on that criticism, however. He had some nice things to say about the relationship that Ball shares with his sons.

From Calipari:

"I was so far removed, I don't even know what that means. I know he's involved, but fathers being involved aren't always bad for these kids. They've got a loving relationship. I didn't follow it that way."

On Lonzo Ball as a player:

"The kid can really play, he's a competitor, has a will to win, but he's young. He's young like all these kids."

Calipari knows both sides of this situation, even if he can't quite match the level of 'involvement' that Ball gets to (which is saying something). His son Brad plays for the Wildcats as a walk-on. He's definitely one that can appreciate a positive player/father relationship, and as far as we know, the Ball brothers don't seem to mind what their father has been doing.

Calipari's Wildcats lost to Ball's Bruins 97-92 in the regular season, but got revenge in the NCAA Tournament, defeating them 86-75 in the Sweet 16.