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John Calipari On Having To Play Gators Again: "I've Had Enough Of Florida"

Kentucky's players want revenge against the Florida Gators, who defeated them handily twice during the regular season. Coach John Calipari doesn't share their sentiments. 

Earlier today, Florida held off a feisty Tennessee squad to secure its spot in the SEC Tournament title game. Kentucky followed up with a solid win over Georgia to do the same. After the Wildcats' victory, Coach Cal was asked if he was excited to get a third shot at the Gators. Here was his response:

Calipari is usually very honest with both his players and the media, so I doubt he's being facetious here. If Kentucky is to have a shot tomorrow, it'll need to win the turnover battle. The Wildcats can't afford to turn the ball over like they did in the first two games.