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John Calipari Preempts Lakers Speculation: "I Wouldn't And Couldn't Leave This Group"

Just hours before the national championship game between Kentucky and UConn, it seemed like there were real legs t the possibility that John Calipari would be coaching his last game in Lexington. Former Wildcat star Rex Chapman said that Calipari to the Los Angeles Lakerswas a "done deal."

Last night, coach Mike D'Antoni officially resigned as Lakers coach. Calipari didn't wait too long to send out a tweet, hoping to end speculation "before it starts." Based on the timing, it isn't hard to figure out what "it" is.

">May 1, 2014

Calipari met with his returning Wildcats this week, and it sounds like they're all ready to make a run at the title next season.

“Had to wait to do it until we knew what the team was. The meeting was minus our incoming freshmen obviously. The meeting was about our vision for this group and each player talked about what they would work on this summer to elevate their game. They aren’t afraid to self-evaluate and be honest with themselves, yet they all have dreams, hopes and desires that I want to help them with. I am totally dedicated to each of these young men.”

Of course, Calipari may not be the only coach coming off of a big run this spring who will get mentioned for this Lakers opening.