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John Calipari Says He May Coach Kentucky Basketball Until He's 73, If His Son Walks On

John Calipari has long said that he does not want to retire at a very advanced age, but his plans may be changing. During an appearance on ESPN analyst Seth Greenberg's podcast, Calipari revealed one thing that could keep him at Kentucky and in college basketball for a while longer: the chance to coach his son Brad. Kentucky Sports Radio transcribed the quote:

“First of all, my wife has already told me if he decides to come, ‘you’re not leaving,’ so that would mean I’m here five more years. If I’m here five more years, why not stay ’til 70, why not sign a new contract and I’ll be 70 when I leave. Seems like everyone coaches until 70, I was thinking 60, but maybe I’ll coach until 72, maybe 73,” Cal said. “If he comes and he wants to walk on, to be able to spend four years with my son and the ups and downs of this? The only thing is he likes to talk back, you can’t do that when you’re playing for me.”

Calipari's recruiting has stayed at an incredibly high level, and coaches like Mike Krzyzewski, Jim Boeheim, and Steve Fisher have proven that it is possible for a coach to maintain a high level of performance in his late 60s and 70s. At 56, we expect Calipari to be on the sidelines for a while longer.