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John Calipari Says He's Had 4 Players Who Should Not Have Left Early For The NBA

Kentucky head coach John Calipari has sent dozens of players to the NBA - many of whom have gone on to become big-time stars at the professional level. But even Coach Cal himself will admit that some of his former athletes weren't ready to make the jump when they did.

This past Friday, according to SNY's Adam Zagoria, Calipari, at a coaches clinic, told his colleagues that he's had four players who "absolutely" left for the NBA too soon. 

">April 8, 2016

Of course, Calipari stopped short of listing them out. That hasn't stopped Kentucky fans from speculating the group he might be talking about.

">@AdamZagoria Goodwin, Teague, Orton, and probably Dakari

— Kyle Travis (@KdotTravis)

@AdamZagoria Goodwin, Teague, Orton, and probably Dakari

— Kyle Travis (@KdotTravis) April 8, 2016

">April 8, 2016

">@AdamZagoria Teague, Lamb, Orton, Johnson

— Matt Davenport (@BlueMattyD15) April 8, 2016

The Harrison twins have also been mentioned as possible choices.

Kentucky players during the Calipari era have had to deal with two factors when deciding whether to head to the next level. One - they have to determine if they're good enough to play in the NBA. Two - they have to assess whether Kentucky's incoming recruiting class will affect their playing time, should they choose to stay. 

Regardless, Calipari has established himself as one of the best in the country at player development. Not every player is going to turn into a star.