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John Calipari Says Kentucky's Goal Was To Get 8 Players Drafted, Not Win A National Title

No one in college basketball seems to practice a players-first mentality more than John Calipari. The Kentucky coach further expressed that mentality while speaking at Alltech's Rebelation closing session in Rupp Arena this morning. 

Talking in front of a crowd full of business-types, the 56-year-old coach spoke about the Wildcats' goal for the 2014-15 season. That goal: to get eight players drafted, not win the national title. 

“Last year we started the season with a goal,” he said, according to KSR. “You may think that goal was to win the national title and win all the games and be… It was to get eight players drafted.”

">May 20, 2015

">May 20, 2015

Now, before you freak out, Kentucky fans, Calipari's point was likely that if the Wildcats play well enough to get eight players drafted, everything else will take care of itself. Obviously, that didn't happen, with Kentucky falling to Wisconsin in the Final Four. 

The NBA Draft is set to occur June 25, when we'll find out if Kentucky reached its goal or not.