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John Calipari Says Recruits Choose UK Because "Families Trust Us With Their Child", Gets Clowned On Twitter

This is great.

It seems as if there is something in the water at the University of Kentucky. The Wildcats have been on an absolute tear in recruiting lately -- but not just in basketball. While the hoops program is one of the most iconic ones in the country and has always recruited well, it's no secret that Kentucky has one of the worst football programs in the SEC, and is perhaps average at best nationally.

But after Mark Stoops has reeled in five 2014 recruits in the past week, fans have been wondering what is convincing top players to pick Kentucky in every sport. John Calipari took to Twitter today and offered his opinion:

Calipari may or may not be right in this regard, but his comments naturally became a target on Twitter -- after all, Calipari has been caught on tape cheating in the past, and many fans consider him a less than honest coach.

Here are some responses from college basketball fans: