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John Calipari Thinks The SEC Should Get "5 Teams, Maybe A 6th" Into The NCAA Tournament

Kentucky coach John Calipari has a much different view on SEC basketball than many of the sports' top analysts. While that may not come as much of a surprise considering the Wildcats reside in the conference, it may shock you to hear how many teams Cal thinks the league deserves to send to the NCAA Tournament.

UK's coach told reporters after the team's loss to Arkansas that he believes that the SEC should get "five teams, with maybe a sixth" into the big dance. His statement came after he was asked about the conference being a "two-team league".

With Florida as the top-ranked team in the country and Kentucky posting a solid enough record to be considered a lock, the league will definitely get at least two bids. After that, you could make arguments for Georgia, Arkansas, LSU, Tennessee, Ole Miss and Missouri to be included. Joe Lunardi, ESPN's bracketologist, currently projects the SEC with three teams - the third being Tennessee as one of the "last four in". While it's certainly possibly that any of the above teams could get hot and find themselves with a bid, it's unlikely that three or four of them do so.