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John Calipari Trolled UNC Columnist With Press Conference Outfit

John Calipari wore a white t-shirt and shorts to his Tuesday press conference as a little jab at a UNC columnist who criticized his post-game outfit.

Following Kentucky dramatic 101-100 win against North Carolina on Saturday, John Calipari went somewhat casual with his post-game look, taking off his tie and changing into jeans.

Video of the presser, via

For whatever reason, UNC's Adam Lucas, who writes the school's in-house basketball column, harped on it after the game.

You can hate the game because the opponent was Kentucky and being in the same building with them reminds you of exactly how differently things work in Lexington. John Calipari arrived at his postgame press conference with his tie off, top two buttons on his shirt unbuttoned, and having changed into blue jeans. There are not two top-level programs in America right now that arrive at the end result off the court more differently than Carolina and Kentucky.

On Tuesday, Calipari decided to troll Lucas a bit, wearing a white t-shirt and shorts to his press conference, with a towel draped over his shoulder.

I'm a little disappointed that Calipari didn't break out the flip-flops to complete the look, but the point was certainly made, and incredibly well executed.

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