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Kentucky Assistant Coach Calls Falcons Taking Vic Beasley Over Bud Dupree A "Big Mistake"

Understandably, Kentucky tight ends coach Vince Marrow is going to bat for the Wildcats' first round hopeful Bud Dupree during tonight's NFL Draft. Earlier, he called Dupree the best player in the draft.

">April 30, 2015

He thought that the Atlanta Falcons might have been a good fit with the eighth pick, but they opted for a similar player, Clemson's Vic Beasley. Marrow didn't take that too well.

">May 1, 2015

">May 1, 2015

The St. Louis Rams and Minnesota Vikings don't seem like the most likely destinations for Dupree with the next two picks, but Marrow thinks he has a chance to go No. 12 to the Cleveland Browns.

">May 1, 2015

Unlike their hoops counterparts, Kentucky football doesn't have a ton of recent experience putting players into the first round of the draft. The last first rounder out of Kentucky was defensive tackle Dewayne Robertson, who went fourth overall to the Jets in 2003. Dupree's success could be a big selling point on the recruiting trail for Mark Stoops and his staff.