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Kentucky Basketball Is Getting A New Court

Kentucky Basketball decided it was time to give Rupp Arena some renovations and upgrades.

The Kentucky basketball team doesn't play for another couple of months, but the groundwork is literally already being laid in preparation for another might-be historic season.

The Rupp Arena basketball court is getting a full makeover, complete with a repainting, a re-sanding and a new logo center-court that's to be revealed October 14 at Big Blue Madness.

Check it out:

Some people are already getting restless over what the court will look like:

With the No. 2 recruiting class in the country coming to play for Kentucky this year, I guess fans have to find something else to have qualms with until the season begins.

In addition to the renovations being made to the court, the arena itself is also getting all-blue air ducts and an entirely new center-court video scoreboard.

The Wildcats' home opener is November 11, when they take on Stephen F. Austin.