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Kentucky Basketball: John Calipari Clarifies Stance On Confederate Flag

The status of the Confederate flag in states like South Carolina and Mississippi has become a very big issue following the horrible church shooting that occurred in Charleston on June 17. A number of high profile college coaches have been asked their stances on the flag in recent weeks, and during a conference call today, Kentucky's John Calipari was asked the question by's Jerry Tipton. Kentucky Sports Radio transcribed the exchange, and it seems like Calipari was caught a bit off guard.

Calipari: “Really? Um, obviously it offends a portion of our society, so people are deciding to take them down. That’s how I feel.”

Jerry: “You would support taking them down?”

Calipari: “Sure. They offend, and I would say do it. But, again, does our state use the Confederate flag, Jerry?”

Jerry: “Well, there’s statue of a confederate general at the old courthouse in Lexington and a statue of Jefferson Davis at the capital in Frankfort.”

Calipari: “Wow. [pause] Since I’m not running for public office, I’ll let the powers that be decide those matters. I was thinking about running for President and I was discouraged from that.”

Jerry: “Thank you.”

Calipari clarified his view on Twitter shortly after the call.

">June 29, 2015

">June 29, 2015

Calipari joins a growing list of coaches, including South Carolina's Steve Spurrier and Frank Martin, who support removing the flag from government property.