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Kentucky Cheerleaders React To Their Coaches Getting Fired

Kentucky cheerleaders on the court at Rupp Arena.

LEXINGTON, KY - NOVEMBER 17: Kentucky Wildcats cheerleaders perform during the game against the Robert Morris Colonials at Rupp Arena on November 17, 2013 in Lexington, Kentucky. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

On Monday, the University of Kentucky fired the entire coaching staff for its cheerleading team after an investigation over hazing, alcohol use and public nudity allegations.

Kentucky released a document on this matter, which said the cheerleading coaches failed "to provide reasonable oversight during off-campus events, where inappropriate conduct by members of the cheerleading squad included hazing activities, alcohol use and public nudity."

While most of the recent updates on this matter have been negative to say the least, Kentucky cheerleader Riley Aguiar went on Twitter to defend her program.

"This program is the epitome of professionalism. It’s not only made me a better athlete, but also a much better person," Aguiar wrote on Twitter. "This greatly affects myself and my teammates who have worked our whole lives to get to this university/team. Please don’t feed into lies that are hurting us."

Aguiar wasn't the only Kentucky cheerleader to react to the news publicly on social media. Allie Law also shared her thoughts on the allegations, saying "This program has been nothing besides outstanding & produces outstanding people because of the guidance our coaches provided for us. I pray people don’t give in to lies that went too far."

Regardless of what these cheerleaders say, the Wildcats will be moving on with a different staff for the rest of this year.

Kentucky's cheerleading team has been highly successful over the past few decades, but this could leave a blemish on the program.