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Kentucky Fan With "2014 National Champions" Tattoo Given Free Tickets To Tonight's Title Game

Tyler Austin Black never lost faith in his Kentucky Wildcats, despite the team posting nine losses during the regular season and, at times, looking every bit as young as it is. Monday night, he'll be rewarded for his belief with free tickets to the national championship game in Arlington, Texas. Black, who gained notoriety after getting a "2014 National Champions" tattoo before the big dance even started, has been gifted two stubs to the event by CBS. He's just one result away from predicting what almost nobody believed was actually possible.

">@Tizzblack lives another day!

— Kujo (@KurtisC90) March 29, 2014

">April 6, 2014

">April 6, 2014

Kentucky certainly had the talent to compete at a high level all season, but the Wildcats just didn't seem to put things together until the postseason. If they're able to knock off UConn tonight and notch their ninth title, this will go down as one of the most impressive predictions in the history of sports.