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Here's Video From Inside Philips Arena, Showing The Kentucky-Kansas State Handshake Incident

Kentucky and Kansas State staffs shake hands postgame.

Kansas State's players are upset with Kentucky's players for not sticking around for the customary postgame handshake on Thursday night. Should they be?

After Kansas State's victory over Kentucky on Thursday night, a few Wildcats told ESPN's Alex Scarborough that they were upset that Kentucky's players hadn't stuck around for the postgame handshake.

Kentucky coach John Calipari addressed the comments in his team's press conference following the game. He said that Kansas State's players were celebrating after the win - implying that the opportunity was not there.

Per usual, if you look hard enough, video exists. We found two videos on Instagram - shot by fans at the game - that piece together the puzzle.

In the first, after the final shot, you can see Coach Cal and his assistants heading towards Bruce Weber to shake their hands. Kentucky's players, dejected after the loss, eventually come around and get in the handshake line.

Kansas State's players, meanwhile, are celebrating wildly. When Coach Cal and his assistants get to the end of the coaching line, there are no players on Kansas State waiting.

The second video isn't as clear, but it looks like by the time Kansas State's players are ready to shake hands, Kentucky's players are already heading back towards the locker room.

So who is at fault here? It depends how you look at it.

Kentucky's players seem to have gotten in line behind Coach Cal and his assistants - intending to shake hands. But they probably didn't want to stick around too long to watch Kansas State's players celebrate. Perhaps they got frustrated.

Kansas State's players probably figured their celebration took a normal amount of time, and when they eventually got in line to shake hands, they were upset to see that Kentucky's players hadn't waited for them.

All in all, there isn't much controversy here - it seems more like a misunderstanding.

Regardless, Kansas State is on to the Elite Eight to take on Loyola Chicago.