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Former Kentucky Punter Landon Foster Has Revealed He Is Gay

View from the corner of Kroger Field's end zone section during a Kentucky football game.

Recently, former Kentucky punter Landon Foster has been openly sharing a piece of personal news. He is gay.

Foster, who started for the Wildcats from 2012-15, has been out to his parents since before his senior season but has been discussing his sexuality more openly of late. He most recently did so today in a first-person piece for Outsports.

In it, he details the internal struggle he faced, dealing with being a Division I athlete and a gay man. Foster says he was particularly conflicted in the aftermath of Kentucky district clerk Kim Davis' refusal to issue a marriage license to a gay couple.

Foster says he is speaking out publicly now in the hopes of helping someone else who may be going through what he went through.

I am sure I will receive some backlash for writing this, but if there is one person it helps, then it will be worth it. I have been through hell, especially during my college years, trying to come to grips with who I am while also representing my university and football team. I was representing these institutions in a state that garnered national attention for anti-LGBT sentiment just days after I had come out to my parents, weeks before my senior season, and ultimately leading to my departure from the sport that I always envisioned as being a part of my life.

I can only sympathize with those who have less support than I have received. I hope my story and vulnerability can be of use to those who are looking anywhere and everywhere for a sign that they’re not alone. You are not alone.

Foster shared his story during a recent TED Talk in Florida. You can watch it below.

Obviously, this is something Foster struggled with for a long time. It is great to see him comfortable with himself and speaking out to help others.