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Kentucky Love: Eric Bledsoe Welcomes Devin Booker To Phoenix

At this point, you can just call the Phoenix Suns 'Kentucky West', given their roster makeup. The Suns now have four former Wildcats stars - Eric Bledsoe, Archie Goodwin, Brandon Knight and Devin Booker. For a few minutes, they actually had five, but Andrew Harrison was traded to Memphis soon after being drafted.

After Booker was taken in the first round, Bledsoe reached out to him on Twitter. Booker responded, telling his new teammate that he'd see him tomorrow. It's a pretty cool Kentucky-on-Kentucky moment.

">@DevinBook ... Got your backpack ready!

— Eric Bledsoe (@EBled2)

Welcome to the valley @DevinBook ... Got your backpack ready!

— Eric Bledsoe (@EBled2) June 26, 2015

">June 26, 2015

">June 26, 2015

Kentucky's had six players drafted so far, and we're late in the second round. Will Aaron Harrison get the nod as the seventh?