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Kentucky Recruit Aaron Harrison Had To Do Damage Control After Posting Vine Dissing Andrew Wiggins

The decision is looming.

Where will superstar high school basketball recruit Andrew Wiggins be heading for college? He certainly has drawn out his recruitment, but with a decision coming this week, the anticipation is at an all-time high for Kentucky, Kansas, North Carolina, and Florida State -- Wiggins is the type of talent that can impact a program substantially, even in just a single year.

The four finalists have been jockeying for Wiggins for a long time now, and all of the pitches have been made, so it's just up to him. Although Kentucky now has to do a bit of damage control to stay in the running, after a social media incident occurred a few days ago.

Aaron Harrison, one of Kentucky's incoming recruits, tweeted a Vine from his account on Friday. In one of the scenes, a friend in the backseat of his car was caught saying "F*** Wiggins, we don't need him."

Of course, this wasn't the best idea, and Harrison quickly deleted the post. He then tried to exonerate himself and make it clear that he has nothing against Wiggins -- he would love if they become future teammates.

While it appears that this was just a little Twitter hiccup, it certainly had to scare the Kentucky staff a little bit -- now they have to hope that Wiggins didn't take offense.