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Kentucky Safety Ashely Lowery Is Responding Well In Hospital After Car Accident

Lowery is still hospitalized but making jokes.

Update: More good news regarding Lowery has come out:

Earlier: On Friday night, Kentucky safety Ashely Lowery was hospitalized after he was in a serious car accident in Georgia. Lowery was ejected from his vehicle and landed 100 feet away from the initial crash. 

Here's a look at his vehicle (or what was left of it):

More information has been released today on his condition. This morning the doctors removed his breathing tube and he was able to recognize his family and friends. Lowery can also move his arms and legs. 

One of the best signs was this: according to this tweet from teammate Martavius Neloms, Lowery's first comment after waking up was a joke about his appearance. 

It's great to see Lowery in good spirits -- we wish him the best in his recovery process.