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Kentucky's Mark Stoops Not Happy After Today's Practice: "We Wasted The Day"


Mark Stoops has undoubtedly put a charge into the Kentucky football program. He has the Wildcats off to a fantastic start for the 2014 recruiting class, and the fan base is genuinely optimistic about the team's chances for success moving forward.

However, things haven't been going nearly as well on the actual football field. Today, Stoops wasn't too pleased with his team after practice:

Stoops elaborated on his frustrations -- from the Courier-Journal:

“Little bit of a disappointment today. Very poor day, to be honest with you. Very frustrated. Had to start certain segments over again today. Just very weak mentally, physically. Just a very average day. So very disappointed.”

Wildcats fans had better hope that this was just a one-time lapse in focus, because Kentucky has a whole lot of ground to make up if it wants to compete with the rest of the SEC. There's no question that Stoops is going to be going in on his guys at the next practice.