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Kentucky's Wildcat Lodge Demolished

A sad day.

At the University of Kentucky, plans for new residence halls have now fully gone into effect; starting with the iconic Wildcat Lodge.

Joe B. Hall Wildcat Lodge was (obviously) named after Joe B. Hall, who became the head coach of the Wildcats after Adolph Rupp in 1972. Wildcat Lodge is where the UK men’s basketball team has been living since 1978 until the new Craft Coal Lodge was built this year, in 2012.

As a Lexingtonian, I grew up racing from the airport to the Lodge to greet the players after they returned from tournament games during March Madness. The Lodge is where fans stood for hours waiting to get Tubby Smith or Tayshawn Prince to sign their brand new basketball; where young basketball players dreamed of living one day; where legends were made.

Wildcat Lodge is a part of the greatest tradition in the history of college basketball.

Granted, the Lodge was 34 years old, but instead of tearing it down, why couldn't they have created a museum out of it? Why not do something to preserve every piece of Kentucky basketball?

“It’s sad,” Lyndsey Gough, fellow sportswriter said “Especially when you think about all the legends that have lived there and how it was the first of its kind.”