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Kyle Wiltjer Says Gonzaga, Not Kentucky, Has The Best Fans In The Country

Kentucky fans, we hope you're sitting down when you read this.

Former Kentucky and Gonzaga forward Kyle Wiltjer had the full college basketball experience. In two seasons with the Wildcats, he played a role on a national championship team. After transferring to Gonzaga, Wiltjer developed into a 20-point per game scorer, and helped the Bulldogs reach the Elite Eight in 2015.

Kentucky and Gonzaga are vastly different programs, but both are consistently among college basketball's best. When it comes to which fan base is better though, Wiltjer's answer might surprise you.

In an interview with KREM 2's Darnay Tripp, Wiltjer said Gonzaga, not Kentucky has the best fans in the country.

"It really showed me that man, Gonzaga is in my opinion the best fan base in the country, and I'm not exaggerating at all," Wiltjer told KREM 2 Sports Director Darnay Tripp on his podcast 'The Press'. "The amount of love that they showed me, Domas (Sabonis) and seeing the support down there at the Final Four, it was pretty unbelievable. And to see that it really shows a lot to the city and the city should be proud of that because it was crazy."

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"Winning a championship was like the craziest thing ever. And then going to Gonzaga and seeing their fan base - everywhere we go in Spokane, everyone going crazy for us. It's obviously a little bit of smaller level, the amount of people, but the support is just as crazy."

Wiltjer obviously experienced more personal success at Gonzaga, while reaching the ultimate team milestone with Kentucky. He was obviously a bigger star in Spokane then he was in Lexington, where he played with Anthony Davis, Nerlens Noel, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and others.

Does this affect his judgment at all? It probably does. Either way, both program's have tremendously loyal and passionate fan bases.

BBN will still disagree with Wiltjer though.

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